Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day Salad And A Few Words About The Carbon Footprint

Happy 48th Earth Day everybody! I hope that you are doing fine and are really busy doing the best things possible for your body and the environment. 

Like every year on this day I consciously prepare food that does not require any kitchen appliances. I love simplicity and try to use as many ingredients in their natural state as possible. I know that many raw food lovers and chefs use their cooking skills to turn out the most amazing concoctions. Blenders, food processors, dehydrators, and many other tools help you make your raw food taste great and look like nothing raw. I use them too, but on Earth Day I try to minimize my carbon footprint.

To make this beautiful salad I used
  • wild and garden herbs from a farmers' market
  • some wild herbs I foraged 
  • baby greens
  • edible flowers
I whisked a simple vinaigrette using a home made kombucha vinegar and hemp oil. The fresh, green taste is all I wanted on this beautiful day.

Earth Day is a perfect occasion for good resolutions. Here are some useful tips:
  • Ditch the plastic. 
  • Get the coolest reusable shopping tote bags you can find and show them off.
  • Reuse glass jars. 
  • Recycle whatever can be recycled. 
  • When shopping, choose organic, locally grown produce that is sold in bulk. Only buy exotic fruits when they are organic and fair trade. In this way you will support the environment and the hardworking people in other countries. 
  • Avoid packaging whenever possible. 
  • Grow your own food if you can. Herbs grow amazing well on windowsills or balconies. If you have enough space you can even grow edible flowers and tomatoes. It's not difficult.
  • Do not over-process your raw food! Use as many ingredients in their natural state as possible. 
Whatever you are up to, enjoy it consciously!

In radiant health - passionately raw - Dominique

Dominique Allmon©2018


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