Tuesday, June 10, 2014

How to Make Raw Nut Milk

Make your own! It's incredibly easy. And most importantly, you know it's raw and without additives.

Many smoothie recipes require a nut milk of some sort. I know that some people cut edges and add nut milk they bought in a supermarket. If they are lucky, there are no additives in the product they bought, but the store-bought nut milk is seldom raw. 

People use a ready-made nut milk because they do not know how to make one at home. This can change overnight! All one needs to make a basic nut milk is raw, preferably organic, nuts, purified water, blender or a food processor, and a nut milk bag or cheesecloth. 

~ Basic Almond Milk Recipe ~

  • 2 cups organic, raw almonds soaked overnight in purified or spring water
  • 4 cups purified or spring water
  • pinch Celtic salt (optional)

Soaking Almonds

  • Drain and rinse the almonds. Remove any impurities you may find.
  • Put almonds into a food processor or a blender, add water and process. Add salt if you want to and process on a high speed until almonds are fully crushed. 
  • Strain the almond mass through a nut milk bag allowing the clear milk to collect in a clean bowl or a jar. Squeeze the bag. Ready!

 Raw Almond Milk

If you do not have a nut milk bag, you can use a cheesecloth and a strainer. Place a strainer or a colander over a bowl or a jar, line it out with a clean cheesecloth and pour the blended cashew nut mass into it. Give it a squeeze.

Because almond milk is pleasantly sweet on its own, I do not add any sweetener. Depending on what I want to use it for, I place a whole vanilla bean in a nut milk jar and let is sit there for two or three days until it is pleasantly flavored. 

Raw almond milk stays fresh for up to five days when you store it in refrigerator. Your almond milk will separate a bit. To "restore" it simply shake the jar. Or, add 1 tea spoon of sunflower lecithin to it to prevent any separation. This a tip of another blogger. I found this idea genuinely wonderful and very helpful. You might want to try it as well.

Following the same steps you can make cashew nut, walnut or Brazil nut milk. Remember to buy raw nuts and to soak them in clean water overnight. 

Leftover Almond Pulp

I sincerely believe that once you've made and tasted your first genuinely raw nut milk, you will never want to buy another commercially produced one. Moreover, the leftover nut pulp can be used to make delicious raw desserts, crackers, cookies and more.

Tip: Use half the amount of water to make delicious almond cream.

In radiant health - passionately raw - Dominique

Dominique Allmon©2014

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