Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Salad with Wild Herbs and Greens

Spring, probably like no other time during the year, offers wide range of greens  and herbs. Many of the greens are bitter in taste. Dare to use them in your salads as they help detoxify the liver. Good mixture of cultivated baby greens, wild herbs and flowers will make any salad not only look magnificent, but also taste good. Use simple dressings to enhance the taste. Virgin olive oil with a dash of aged balsamic vinegar or lime juice with freshly grind salt and pepper would do the trick. But as with anything, feel free to experiment. And never forget to enjoy your food in good company!

Spring salad with wild greens

In this salad you will find: wild watercress, wild blanched ramp greens, spring mint and chives (just barely poking through the ground) and from the green market; miners lettuce, mixed baby lettuces, broccoli, rabe flowers. chard micro greens and red amaranth micro greens.

Image and inspiration from the Hungry Ghost

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