Monday, December 19, 2016

Announcing: The Passionately Raw 2017 Wall Calendars

One of the joys of any blogger is to see your works published and sold. With a dwindling popularity of raw food recipe book may not always be the right choice, but a colorful raw food calendar might make a difference, if not in a cooking pot than at least on the kitchen wall.
 Raw Food Lovers 2017 Monthly Wall Calendar

When I started this blog years ago the first thing I wanted to do was to have a raw food calendar printed, but this project proved too costly in the past. Like many other foodies every year I bought a food themed wall calendar especially for my kitchen. In 2017 there will be one designed by me!

By pure chance I discovered the RedBubble which is an Australian marketplace for print on demand and so, my dream to have my own calendar printed came true. In fact, I couldn't resist the temptation and created two wall calendars for raw food lovers and one for any vegan or vegetarian who loves pumpkins.
Raw Food Lovers 2017 Monthly Wall Calendar, back

When I finally got my Raw Food Lovers calendar in the mail I was positively surprised at the quality of the the print and the paper on which my photographs were printed. A decision was made right away! There will be a raw food lovers calendar every year. But will it sell? This question can be answered objectively only by those who need a wall calendar. I consulted two friends. 

  • beautiful images
  • fantastic quality 
  • great inspiration to a healthier lifestyle
  • not a mass market item 
  • spiral bound
  • not too large - width 11.7" (about 30cm) height 16.5" (about 42 cm)
  • clutter free - no holidays of any kind marked in the calendar
  • perfect for individualists who want to mark their own important dates
  • with $23.00 - great value for money

  • calendar does not have the popular holidays marked in it
  • there are no moon phases marked in the calendar 
  • if someone does not like veggies they will not like this
  • too small
  • cheaper offers on the market

What can I say? I am actually happy that for the first time my calendar is not crowded with Australian, British, Canadian, American, or Indian banking holidays. I will put my own mark on it and celebrate what really matters to me. This will take a little effort, but can be done in no time. 

Missing moon phases... If you are living in accordance with the moon phases this calendar is not for you, unless of course, you want to mark the moon phases yourself or wish to consult another calendar. This might be time consuming.
Passionately Raw 2017 Monthly Wall Calendar

For each calendar sold I will receive a small royalty. Not enough money to finance my recipe book project, but enough to donate it to good causes. Each image in the calendar is copyrighted, of course, but can also be purchased as a greeting card or a notebook. RedBubble ships worldwide.

In radiant health - passionately raw - Dominique 

To see the entire collection please click here


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