Thursday, December 18, 2014

Best Christmas Gifts For Raw Chefs

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this time of the year is a time of mindfulness, generosity and giving. The gifts do not have to be big, expensive or extravagant to make someone happy, but they have to be thoughtful, sustainable and useful. For many people the best gifts are those that were made by hand, or prepared in the kitchen, but if you are deciding to buy a gift, choose glass, wood or metal over plastic. Buy products that will last a bit longer. The throw-away lifestyle takes a real tall on our environment, so be thoughtful.

If you know an aspiring raw chef or someone who only recently discovered raw food you may be wondering what to give them. Like any other person who loves to prepare food, your raw chef probably loves recipe books, kitchen tools and useful ingredients that can be turned into delicious raw recipes. 

Consider buying an attractive vintage set of measuring spoons or some other kitchen utensils. Look for an exotic spice mix, or a large bag of organic raw nuts or superfoods. Get them the latest raw recipe book or an attractive salad bowl. A raw chef can never have enough of these things and will be grateful for any such gift. At least, I would be!

Once you have wisely chosen your gift, wrap it up nicely. Again, think about the environment and use gift wrapping paper that was either made from recycled paper or one such that is pretty enough to be reused again. Support small local businesses and online networks such as Etsy. And whatever you do, always give your gift from the heart.

Remember that the good vibes you are sending out will get back to you multiplied by the joy you have given others.

In radiant health - passionately raw - Dominique


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