Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fruitful Collaboration

Like a perfectly harmonious juice recipe a new collaboration sprang up only a few days ago: Passionately Raw! and the Magnet Queen became partners of sorts.

When you meet people on social networks you never know what will come out of it. Sometimes true friendships develop over the years. 

I "met" Liza, the Magnet Queen, on Facebook in 2008. She is an artist who moved from New York to Tennessee a few years ago. She is not only creative but also health conscious and very open to new things.

Custom-made magnet by the Magnet Queen

Few days ago Liza made two beautiful magnets out of my salad recipe and send it to me. The magnets now adorn my refrigerator and are a real joy to look at.

I find magnets with recipes on them such a great idea. They make such a perfect gift. The quality of Liza's work is superb. She will make any kind of magnet you want. Simply visit her website and negotiate the details.

Liza, The Magnet Queen

If you wish to have any of my original recipes on a magnet, pick one or more and send Liza a link. She will copy the image and the recipe and make a magnet for you. Once it is ready she will send it to your address.

You will find the Magnet Queen at www.magnetqueen.com

Thank you for your support.

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